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  • .44 Magnum 180 gr. SCHP (20-count box)

    .44 Magnum 180 gr. SCHP (20-count box)

    Featuring a solid copper hollow point that expands to double-caliber while deploying six sharp cutting petals, Super Vel's .44 Magnum will make your day with a velocity of 1,650 fps with a 180 gr. SCHP (as measured from an 8 3/8" Model 29; more...

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  • Super Strip™ pocket loaders

    Super Strip™ pocket loaders

    Snubnose revolvers offer a number of advantages over semiautomatic pistols for deep concealment. A revolver can be fired through a jacket pocket or from a purse in an emergency. (A pistol is not able to function inside a pocket; the slide's reciprocation...

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  • 9mm Luger 147 gr. PCC Competition Load

    9mm Luger 147 gr. PCC Competition Load

    The growing popularity of PCC (pistol caliber carbine) in USPSA competition has attracted more and more competitors to our 147 gr. FMJ load because it is so soft-shooting in a PCC. This load is remarkably consistent thanks to a propriety powder and our...

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  • 9mm Luger 158 gr. PCC Competition Load

    9mm Luger 158 gr. PCC Competition Load

    Competing with a gas operated PCC (pistol caliber carbine) requires ammunition that reliably cycles even when some of the propellant gas is bled offto cycle the action (as opposed to a direct blow-back action). Our 158 gr. load is a duplicate of the Mk...

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