Actual Cost Shipping

Super Vel Shipping

We get it, everyone hates to pay for shipping! There are three ways to address shipping, and we picked the most honest—we only charge our actual cost from UPS, not one cent more. Besides “actual cost,” the other two ways to charge for shipping (flat rate shipping or free shipping) are really just clever disguises to hide the cost of shipping in the cost of the product. Our account with UPS is linked directly to this website, so our “actual cost” of shipping is fed straight from our UPS account. We simply pass on the exact fee that UPS charges us. There are three factors that affect our UPS rates: 

1) We are on a tiered rate structure in which our discount increases with the weight of a package. The discount is based off UPS published rates (retail prices). Our discount starts at 20% and goes up to 45% in 5 and 10 pound increments.

1 to 5 lbs: 20%
6 to 10 lbs: 25%
11 to 20 lbs: 30%
21 to 30 lbs.: 35%
31 to 50 lbs: 40%

2) UPS charges more for rural than urban deliveries.

3) UPS charges more for residential addresses than commercial addresses.

Additionally, our website tells UPS how many boxes are needed to fill an order, so if you order 1,000 rounds of our “bulk” Certified Select Training or Competition ammo and also two boxes of Solid Copper Hollow Point defensive ammo, the shipping calculation takes into account that the “bulk” will ship in a box by itself. We accommodate odd sized products, like the retro tin signs, by the US Post, which is cheaper than UPS. Lastly, please bear in mind that ammunition is heavy and it is classified as ORM-D (a low class of haz mat), so shipping is not inconsequential.

We hope our honest and transparent explanation of how shipping is charged will help you make a more informed purchase.