Job Opportunities

Interested in Joining the Super Vel Ammunition Team?

Here at Super Vel Ammunition we are always looking for hard working individuals to help us grow our company! Below you will find a list of available job positions. If interested, please fill out the application linked below and email it to! Thank you! 

Quality Control/Fulfillment

Spots needed to fill: 2


This position would be a float position that assists the Quality Control machine operators with keeping the machines full and running while also packaging the finished product for fulfillment. The majority of the work consists of sealing loaded ammunition bags and labeling them, placing scoops of 9mm and 223 into the machine collators, placing 50ct trays into boxes, properly labeling the boxes with lot #s, final packing and stacking bulk orders on pallets. This job is about 95% standing. The lifting is typically 40lbs maximum but averages 13-28lbs.


Brass Processing/Polishing


Spots needed to fill: 1




This position is a full-time position. The primary duties are emptying and filling brass polishing equipment, monitoring brass sorting equipment, monitoring roll-sizing equipment and in time learning to run the final brass processing machinery. This position requires standing all day and occasionally lifting heavy buckets of brass. This position handles all of the first steps in the ammo remanufacturing process and is a vital part to our operation.

90-Day Probation/Training:

Every employee starts with a 90-day probation period. Starting pay is set, then after the 90 days it is reevaluated for a potential increase. Benefits are tracked from day 1 but are not available for use until after the probation period ends.


  • Currently we offer 40hrs PTO in year 1, 80hrs in year 2-3. All hours roll over and don't expire.
  • We offer a 20% employee discount on everything we sell.
  • We allow staff to keep any and all rejected ammunition. Which for 2023 was about $60k in simple cosmetic errors we won't sell to the public.
  • We offer full days paid on the 7 major holidays.
  • Health insurance that also includes dental and vision. This is a PPO plan and we as the company will cover 50% of the entire cost.
  • If you are a competition shooter or want to get into competition, we cover your ammunition for one match per month (200 rounds) for the first year then it goes to 400 rounds per month year 2 and on.
  • If you are serious about competition, we have ammo payouts for major match performances ranging from 500-10,000 rounds.

Working Hours: M-Th 7:30am-6pm
Starting Pay: $15.50 until probation evaluation.
Start Date: ASAP

To apply, click below, fill out the form, and email to, or bring in in person at 7685 Commercial Way STE A, Henderson, NV 89011 from 9am to 5pm, Monday-Thursday.


Job Application, Click Below to Download