• Super Vel Super Vel Retro Logo Patch "Super Vel Retro Logo" Patch

    "Super Vel Retro Logo" Patch

    Harkening back to our colorful past, this classic Super Vel logo recalls the 1960s when Lee Jurras started Super Vel in Shelbyville, Indiana. Lee invented the jacketed hollow point handgun bullet, heralding a new era in "high performance" handgun...
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  • "Frankie The Frog" Patch "Frankie The Frog" Patch

    "Frankie The Frog" Patch

    Frankie is the mascot for our Hush Puppy® subsonic 9mm ammunition, a tribute to the orginal "Freddy The Frog" who was the mascot of the Navy's Underwater Demolition Team (UDT), the predecessors the SEALs. Freddy was a muscular little frogman running...
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  • "Pin Up Girl" Patch "Pin Up Girl" Patch

    "Pin Up Girl" Patch

    Check out the detail! How do they make these rubberized patches with such clarity? It's amazing! It was hard to replicate Pin Up Girl's "bubble butt" from the original artwork (by Chip Lasky) but somehow the patch company made her "booty" well-shaped!...
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  • "Operator Frankie" Patch Super Vel Operator Frankie Patch

    "Operator Frankie" Patch

    Our mascot Frankie The Frog is chill, giving us a “hang loose” while geared up with NODs, decked out in Crye Precision cammies and ready to go to work with a Hush Puppy slide locked Glock. He’s backed with Velcro®, ready for...
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