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.45 ACP

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    .45 ACP 230 gr. FMJ "Certified Select"

    .45 ACP 230 gr. FMJ "Certified Select"

    Remanufactured Ammo Super Vel's "Certified Select" Training Ammo is re-manufactured with once-fired U.S. military brass casings that we source directly from U.S. military bases. This .45 ACP load features a 230 gr. FMJ bullet at a nominal 850 fps which...

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  • .45 ACP +P 185 gr. JHP (20 count box)

    .45 ACP +P 185 gr. JHP (20 count box)

    Driving a .45 caliber 185 gr. jacketed hollow point at 1,150 feet per second, Super Vel's premium offering for the .45 ACP is a +P load that delivers 544 ft/lbs of muzzle energy. Accuracy is excellent, as usual for the venerable .45 ACP, and reliability...

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  • .45 ACP +P 160 gr. SCHP (20-count box)

    .45 ACP +P 160 gr. SCHP (20-count box)

    Long revered for its man-stopping knockdown power, the .45 ACP cartridge reaches a whole new level of performance with our 160 gr. Solid Copper Hollow Point (SCHP) at an honest 1,200 fps. Expansion is reliable and dramatic, typically .900 caliber, and...

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