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BYOP Program

Bring Your Own Primers

Problem: an ammunition manufacturer has everything it needs except for one vital component, primers. Solution: ask your customers to provide their own primers.

Yes, we are in unwelcome throes of the Great Primer Famine of 2020, but we’ve figured out a way to beat this untimely scarcity— BYOP. Bring Your Own Primers. You send us primers (or drop off at our location), we load your 9mm Luger ammunition.

It’s frustrating because there are primers available for individuals to purchase— usually with a limit of 1,000 per customer— however we can’t buy in bulk quantity from our wholesalers. Their shelves are bare, even though online retailers have primers in stock for individual purchase. 

BYOP Pricing

Our prices are determined based on our costs, and in the case of primers, our cost basis is 0.02 cents per primer, or $20 for 1,000. We will deduct $20 from our regular price of $185 for 1,000 rounds of 9mm Luger 115 gr. FMJ "Certified Select" (your cost now $165), and $20 from our regular price of $219.95 for 1,000 rounds of our 9mm Luger 147 gr. FMJ Competition Load (your cost now $199.95).

With this deduction in price, and with you providing and paying for your own primers, our pricing still beats out the vast majority of our competitors! Below are the exact steps on how to take advantage of this offer, followed by a list of various sites where you can purchase primers to have shipped to us.

How to Order

1) Purchase at least 1,000 SMALL PISTOL primers from any source (see below for some suggested links) and have them shipped to us, in your name, at our factory address of 950 W Warm Springs Rd #105, Henderson, NV 89011. If you already have primers and are a local, you can drop them off between 2pm and 5pm, Monday-Friday.

2) Notify us that the primers are coming with an email to alerting us that you’ve purchased X-thousand (please provide tracking number if shipping) and that you’re having them shipped to our address (or dropping off).

3) When we receive your primers, we will reply to your email to let you know they arrived safely and will then send over a payable invoice. Once you have paid, the clock will start: we promise to have your ammo ready within 3 business days after receiving payment.

4) The minimum quantity for this offer is 1,000 primers; more is acceptable. There is no upper limit.

5) If you are shipping your own primers make sure you have the proper Haz Mat accreditation from UPS or Fed-Ex. It is essential to declare the package as Haz Mat. Avoid this by buying from one of the suggested sources because they already have the Haz Mat certifications (links below). This does not apply if dropping off at location.

6) Your ammo will be loaded and shipped within 3 business days of payment for your order. As always, we do not “mark up” shipping; our very substantial UPS discount is passed on to you. We charge you what UPS charges us. Not a cent more. For local drop offs, your ammo will be ready for pickup within 3 business days.

Where to Buy Primers

Below are links to various places you can order primers to have shipped to us. As a note, we will only accept CCI, Federal, Winchester, and Remington SMALL pistol primers, either regular or magnum. Also, due to demand, primers will go in and out of stock daily, so make sure to check these links regularly for updates in availability.


EverGlades: Click Here

Brownells: Click Here

Midsouth Shooters: Click Here 

Midway USA: Click Here

Natchez: Click Here

Graf and Sons: Click Here