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Apparel & Swag

  • "Flying Ashtray"

    "Flying Ashtray"

    “Smokin' Since 1963" proclaims this iconic T featuring Super Vel's massive hollow cavity .45 ACP. The gaping hole in this man-stopping hollow point is so big some people joked that it shoots like a giant flying ashtray! The color is...

  • "Frankie The Frog" Patch

    "Frankie The Frog" Patch

    Frankie is the mascot for our Hush Puppy® subsonic 9mm ammunition, a tribute to the orginal "Freddy The Frog" who was the mascot of the Navy's Underwater Demolition Team (UDT), the predecessors the SEALs. Freddy was a muscular little frogman running...

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  • "Hush Puppy"

    "Hush Puppy"

    “Freddy The Frog” is the mascot of the Navy’s Underwater Demolition Team, the forerunner of the SEALs. We rendered "Frankie The Frog" as a tribute to Freddy but Frankie is racing into action with a Hush Puppy® pistol instead of a...

  • "Jacketed Hollow Point"

    "Jacketed Hollow Point"

    Featuring Super Vel's foremost accomplishment, the invention of the Jacketed Hollow Point, this gray-colored T includes a skull motif with a cool retro look. The logo is a subdued gray/blue color. This is a double-sided design with our name on the front.

  • "Jet"


    What's hotter than Super Vel? How about an F-86 Sabre fighter, America's first swept-wing fighter? We're all about retro, given Super Vel invented the jacketed hollow point in 1963, so we love the "hollow nose" of the Sabre! America's first bad-ass jet,...

  • "Nitro Power Ammunition"

    "Nitro Power Ammunition"

    "Nitro Power" and hot rods, muscle cars and '60s "speed shops" come together in this classic salute to speed! Super Vel is all about "high velocity" so we tip our cap to our fellow "speed demons" in the custom car world with this cool T from Next Level...

  • "Operator Frankie" Patch

    "Operator Frankie" Patch

    Our mascot Frankie The Frog is chill, giving us a “hang loose” while geared up with NODs, decked out in Crye Precision cammies and ready to go to work with a Hush Puppy slide locked Glock. He’s backed with Velcro®, ready for...

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  • "Pin Up Girl"

    "Pin Up Girl"

    “We're glad to see you're back," says Super Vel's pin up girl, a double-entendre to her low-cut backless dress. This is a full-color T. The shirt color is black with Miss Super Vel on the back and our name on the front. Retro cool! Let the world...

  • "Pin Up Girl" Patch

    "Pin Up Girl" Patch

    Check out the detail! How do they make these rubberized patches with such clarity? It's amazing! It was hard to replicate Pin Up Girl's "bubble butt" from the original artwork (by Chip Lasky) but somehow the patch company made her "booty" well-shaped!...

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