Super Vel

  • "Pin Up Girl" Patch "Pin Up Girl" Patch

    "Pin Up Girl" Patch

    Check out the detail! How do they make these rubberized patches with such clarity? It's amazing! It was hard to replicate Pin Up Girl's "bubble butt" from the original artwork (by Chip Lasky) but...
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  • "Speed Shop" "Speed Shop"

    "Speed Shop"

    "Nitro Power" and hot rods, muscle cars and '60s "speed shops" come together in this classic salute to speed! Super Vel is all about "high velocity" so we tip our cap to our fellow "speed demons" in...
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  • "Super Vel Original" "Super Vel Original"

    "Super Vel Original"

    Established 1963! We celebrate the “Original Super Vel” with this retro logo featuring Super Vel's signature accomplishment, the Jacketed Hollow Point bullet which company founder Lee...
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  • Super Vel Super Vel Retro Logo Patch "Super Vel Retro Logo" Patch

    "Super Vel Retro Logo" Patch

    Harkening back to our colorful past, this classic Super Vel logo recalls the 1960s when Lee Jurras started Super Vel in Shelbyville, Indiana. Lee invented the jacketed hollow point handgun bullet,...
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  • .223 Rem. 62 gr. SCHP (20-count box) .223 Rem. 62 gr. SCHP (20-count box)

    .223 Rem. 62 gr. SCHP (20-count box)

    Solid copper bullets penetrate, expand and maintain their integrity far better than conventional lead-core bullets which tend to fragment in the classic “core-jacket separation.” Super...
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  • .357 Mag. 110 gr. SCHP (20-count box) Super Vel .357 Mag 110 gr SCHP 20-count box

    .357 Mag. 110 gr. SCHP (20-count box)

    The .357 Magnum is the "original magnum," introduced by S&W in 1934. Now, we've upped the payload even further with a 110 grain Solid Copper Hollow Point bullet that expands to double-caliber...
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